September 21, 2022

What is the TikTok algorithm

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What is the TikTok algorithm

We’re sure you are up to date on the Instagram algorithm, but what about the TikTok algorithm? It seems as though TikTok are hot on the tail of Instagram, with many users preferring to use the platform.

If you’re new to TikTok, it’s ok! Here are the important TikTok Algorithm details you need to know.

Instagram has the Explore page, and TikTok has the For You Page. The aim is to get your content featured on the For You page to gain more exposure.

The For You page is an endless feed of what TikTok thinks you would like to see.

It will rank videos based on an array of factors such as:

  • your interests
  • videos you have interacted with
  • hashtags you follow
  • your location and the
  • the type of content you create

That means that the For You Page isn’t always going to be people you follow, it will be a mix of videos from creators you may not know. 

So how does the TikTok Algorithm work in 2022?

There are a few main contributors to the TikTok algorithm. Let’s go through them.

User Activity

Just like instagram, the more engagement a video receives the more likely it is to be put in front of other audiences ie more exposure. Indicators such as likes comments, shares, rewatches are account follows are all factored in. 

Subject Matter

What is the category of your video? TikTok will analyse the caption, hashtags, effects and video transcript to better determine this.

Location and Language

Have you ever been on an international holiday and logged in to find you might start being introduced to new users based on your location? TikTok will factor in your posting location and language when deciding who may be interested in your video.


Exactly like Instagram, TikTok has “trending” audio. This is a trending sound or song – and by using trending music, you may be able to reach a new audience that have engaged in that same trend.

“Not Interested” feedback

If you skip through video content, mark videos as “not interested,” or hide users, Tik Tok will take this into account.

Ok great, so now that we know the factors that influence whether or not you may get on the For You Page, what doesn’t influence the algorithm?

The Tik Tok factors that DO NOT currently affect the algorithm are:

  • Your Follower count
  • If you have had previous viral videos

That basically means, it doesn’t matter if you have limited followers, you still have the opportunity to go viral. That’s awesome if you are just starting out!

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