April 17, 2023

Your easy to follow Instagram Checklist

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Your easy to follow Instagram Checklist

Unsure of how to post strategically on Instagram? Here is your Instagram Checklist. Remember to keep it simple and consistent.

Step 1. Immediately after posting on Instagram

After you post on Instagram, share your newest post to stories.

Step 2. Reply to comments

Look at previous posts and reply to all your unanswered comments. this will notify the authors of your comments and alert them to your new post.

Step 3. Start engaging

Set a timer, say 15 minutes, to engage with your feed. 

Step 4. Engage beyond your feed

Engage on your explore tab. spend another 10 – 15 min engaging.

Step 5. Re-check for comments

Go back to the post you just uploaded and check for comments and respond to increase engagement early on.

Stop 6. Start being social

Remember, social media is about being social. you get back what you put in.

Save this Instagram Checklist and follow it each time you post for the best results.

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