August 29, 2022

The iPhone editing apps you need

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The iPhone editing apps you need

These days there is an app for everything. An app can only get you so far creatively, but if you are a start-up business managing your own content, they are a great option.

Here are my top 5 content editing apps for beginners.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express App

This app is great for easy, on the go photo edits. There are filters and effects available through the app, however I prefer to use it to polish iPhone photos. Adjust your photos details, colour saturation, lighting and white balance all within the app.

2. VSCO Film

The only filter I prefer to work with (other than on my desktop) is VSCO. VSCO has a library of over 200+ film looks by Kodak, Agfa, and Ilford. I find this app is a great way to establish a certain look on your Instagram, so that all your photos blend to create the same “vibe.”  You can also edit with standard photos editing tools like contrast, saturation, and grain.

3. Facetune 2

Most of you will have already heard about Facetune 2, or have it already. This app is a solution to on the go portrait editing. Smooth skin, adjust red eye, take away blemishes and change up your facial features. This app can do just about anything to change up your appearance. While it’s fun to have a play around every now and then, don’t go to crazy. 

4. Facetune Video

Facetune video allows you to do pretty much all of the above (in Facetune 2), but applied to your videos. It’s an easy way to adjust the colour, saturation and lighting for your video.

5. Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush is a video editing app that allows you to tack videos and imagery together from your camera roll. Much like the new Instagram feature “Reels,” you can add music to your creation and overlay with text. You can also edit the speed of your clips, add transitions, and have access to the usual photo editing tools (but for your video) such as lighting, contrast, colour and so on.

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