August 29, 2022

Your e-newsletter checklist

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Your e-newsletter checklist

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your clientele. Why?

Because they have actively told you that they are interested in your brand by signing up. If your brand was on Tinder, they’ve swiped right. That’s half the battle of marketing! Now it’s your turn to engage them.

Emailing marketing is a direct line of communication with your customers, so don’t abuse it. This blog is about crossing your I’s and dotting you t’s dotting your I’s and crossing your t’s when it comes to editing your next e-newsletter. 

If you need help with creating engaging e-newsletter content, head over to our previous blog here.

Without further ado, here is your checklist before sending your next email marketing campaign.

1. Spelling/Grammatical Errors

Don’t get lazy when it comes to re-reading your work. Do it once. Do it twice. Do it three times out loud. I often re-read my work out loud to myself. If I stumble on a sentence, it was either poorly written or there is a grammatical error.

The key is to read your sentences out loud. It is so easy to skim read and miss a spelling mistake or grammatical error. 

2. Distorted Images

If you have worked with me, you will know that I HATE LOW RES IMAGERY. There is nothing worse than seeing an image in an e-newsletter that is blurred. 

a.) It makes me think I need glasses

b.) It looks really, really, unprofessional

Send your email newsletter to yourself and look at it, not just on your phone, but on your desktop. It may look fine on your phone but what happens if someone with a large desktop screen opens your email? Cover all bases.

3. Broken Links

You may be thinking your e-newsletter looks pretty snazzy, but have your checked the links? Is your call to action link correct? Do you have any menu links that may need to be updated? There is nothing more frustrating for a reader, than clicking on an email link, only to be taken to a 404 error page on your website. Or even worse, the incorrect product. If this happens, you may have lost a sale from someone that was actively trying to purchase from your e-newsletter.


DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR SOCIAL ICONS. You know that part at the end of your e-newsletter that has the unsubscribe button, your shop address, maybe a cute little note and your social media icons? There have been many times I have taken over a client’s email newsletter, and advised that their previous e-newsletters social media links lead nowhere. 

I’ll wait here a moment while you quickly check them ☺

4. Is your subject line engaging?

If you don’t fill in your subject line, most email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, will automatically do it for you. This may mean that you’ve just sent an email to countless people that simple says “September 2020” or whatever you may have called your e-newsletter during the set-up process.

Not exactly the most enthralling CTA to get people to open your email, is it? 

When you are testing your e-newsletter (by sending it to yourself), start by checking the subject line before you even open it. Put yourselves in your customer’s shoes. Is the CTA strong enough to make them open it?

5. Option to View on the Web

Finally, what many people don’t realise that there is an “View this email in your browser” button on every email marketing campaign. This is in case the email is not rendering properly on the viewer’s computer. 

It’s usually located in the topmost header of your e-newsletter (if you use Mailchimp). If you’ve missed it, chances are your customer has too. There’s nothing wrong with making a button that is more visible in your newsletter that says, “Click here to view the campaign on your browser.”

Are you finding that your monthly newsletter seems to come around faster than you are ready for? Not sure how to create engaging graphics and content to sell your product or services?

Give us a call at Unpublished Perth and we can chat to you about how we can help create effective email marketing campaigns for your brand.


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