Why video content will be your next marketing strategy

Posted by admin | July 8, 2017 | Marketing Trends
Why video content will be your next marketing strategy | Unpublished Perth
Let’s discuss why video content will be your next marketing strategy…

By now it is definitely evident that the majority of Facebook feed is being stormed by videos. Whether this content is posted by clothing brands, airline companies or even just shared by friends, they are everywhere.

The world of social media is becoming a powerful source for marketing for any business and the rules keep evolving. Check out the latest stats as to why video content will be your next marketing strategy.

  1. Studies show that 74% of users who watch an explainer video about a product subsequently bought the product.
  2. 76% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment.
  3. 92% of videos viewed on a mobile become shared with others.
  4. Approximately 10 million videos are watched on Snapchat per day.
  5. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  6. 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, video is more likely to be chosen.
  7. Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement from viewers.
  8. An email featuring a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%
  9. The average user spends 88% more time on a website that features a video.
  10. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.
So how can you integrate video into your business marketing strategy?

When in the process of creating content for a business, there are many ways to keep relevant and consistent.

It can be easy to get sidetracked when deciding which content is relevant for your brand. As statistics show, investing time to create video content is key. Create a list of potential topics for videos you could create. They may vary from informative, to branded to social talking points.

Furthermore, allocating roles to staff members is the foundation of creating consistent content. Portion this out to different staff. Give the role of videoing testimonials to one staff member based on what the business sells. Another role may be finding entertaining yet informative videos for your Instagram story. Check out our previous blog on how to post old videos to an Instagram story.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial when marketing a business. Knowing what content is a hit or miss this month, will assist in knowing what content to create next month.

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