The Core Elements of Online Marketing

Posted by admin | March 21, 2017 | Online Marketing
the core elements of online marketing unpublished Perth Marketing

When it comes to your business it’s important to understand the core elements of online marketing and make sure you have them implemented.

But where do you start with an infinite amount of options?

When it comes to marketing in 2017 it’s a safe bet to assume that if you aren’t accessible online you are losing out on a great deal of the market. Check out the online marketing checklist below to ensure you are headed in the right direction to tackle 2017 head on.

1. Website 

Most of us have a business website (if you haven’t this is something you need to look at ASAP) but is it mobile optimised? Whether you are an online shop or a service provider, your website needs to be functional on a mobile. It should be easy to browse with a clear menu to guide your client on their customer journey.

  • Does your website have google analytics implemented? This is important to determine how people are using your website, how your traffic is influenced by external marketing activities and just about anything you want to know about the clients browsing your site. This will help you to determine your future marketing strategies and how people are engaging with your brand.
  • Is your website optimised for keyword searches? Does it contain industry buzz words that will be picked up when your potential clients searches on Google?
  • This will help to ensure your ranking amongst competitors
  • Remember it is estimated 90% of people won’t go past the first page of search results on google

So how to we include these key buzz words on your website? The answer is simple, content marketing, otherwise known as a blog.

2. Blog-

Not only does a blog keep your website newsworthy, and increase time on site, it provide google bots with an array of key words to pick up on when potential clients search their needs. Get creative, write about newsworthy stories that relate to your brand, research trending topics and write about them. SEO Yoast offer a great guide to SEO optimising your blogs if you are on a WordPress platform. Make sure you correctly label the imagery on your blog via the alt tags with keywords.

So how do we direct your clients to your new and improved website?

3. E-Newsletter –

Have your heard of Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor? These are two great platforms that have evolved to let you design your own custom newsletter template. Gone are the days of paying the big bucks to customise a template for your business. You can also review the results of each campaign and the click throughs to your website to determine the contents effectiveness.

4. Social Media –

Yes, you probably already have social accounts set up, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook are some of the top ranking for business worldwide. If you missed our latest snapchat post for business check it out here.

The key to social media is consistency, branding and content. Keep your content interesting. It can help to create a content marketing strategy at the beginning of each week. Tie photos in with current blogs or updates on your website to help direct traffic. If you are an online shop instagram have some great new features coming in 2017 which you can check out here.

Finally how are you converting all of this online traffic?

Ensure that you have easy to find contact forms (sounds logical, right?) and call to actions in several obvious places on your website.

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