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Posted by admin | April 10, 2017 | Unpublished Bosses
Unpublished Perth Marketing and Social Media Services

I’ve always loved reading about other people and their passions and not just in the Perth Marketing industry. Partly because I’m curious about what makes people who they are. Partly because their passion inspires me.

So that would most probably be the basis for this section of the blog. I’m just going to call it “Unpublished Bosses” (for now). And also while I think about it, I’d like to make a step forward to supporting each other in this crazy entrepreneurial life. Tall poppy syndrome has evolved into a whole new ball game. Thanks to social media and online forums, so if anything it would be nice to start a forum that places a positive spotlight on individuals.

The Perth Marketing industry has so many cool and inspiring people. So what better way to start off this category than with a social media expert.

Anyway i’m babbling and I want to introduce you to my first interview, Brooke, Founder of Villa Management.

When I first met Brooke, which wasn’t so long ago, she was bubbly and open. Her confidence and online marketing knowledge is a clear indicator as to why she is killing it with her social media business. You can read about it here. Check out what she had to say for our very first Unpublished bosses interview. Photography by Kate Drennan.

Brooke Villa Management

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