How to write the perfect blog

Posted by admin | August 5, 2017 | How To, Online Marketing
How to write the perfect blog | SEO Tips | Unpublished Perth Marketing

Many people don’t understand that whilst imagery on a blog is important, google requires content length, sentence structure and keyword optimising for an effective blog.

So today we thought we’d take you through how to write a quality blog that not only engages your audience, but is optimised for organic traffic.

How to use keywords to optimise your blog


Creative blog writing is a skill refined by practice. Begin by highlighting the key understandings you will be discussing throughout the blog in the first paragraph. Phrase these first sentences in a manner that may be searched in google to further optimise your content. When writing your content think about what people will search on google in order to find the blog. For example if you are writing a blog on “Weight Loss” you may write the first sentence as:

“Today we want to chat to you about how to lose weight within 30 days simply by following our structured program.”

The implementation of the question “how to lose weight within 30 days” or just “how to lose weight” is an attempt to gain organic google search engine traffic for people researching weight loss.

The aim is to ensure the keywords of your blog topic are at the start. These should also be placed throughout the blog to improve your google ranking. Your blogs should also be a minimum of 300 words for SEO.

BONUS TIP: Ever heard of newsjacking? When a related industry or relevant news story to your brand is trending, you can essentially ‘highjack’ it’s search engine traffic. By creating an article referring to the trending topic and relating it to your brand, you can effectively increase your blog traffic.

The perfect sentence structure for an SEO blog


Sentence structure is yet another important element when writing the perfect SEO blog. Sentences that are longer than 20 words can be hard to read and will reduce your google ranking. Try to keep sentences within your blog short and succinct.

Google loves the use of subheadings to divide content paragraphs. Subheadings keep a reader engaged for longer. People tend to scan articles before deciding it is worth their time to read all the way through. Creating engaging sub headings will make it very clear as to what your blog is about.

Internal and Outbound links within your blog


When it comes to reader engagement, you can take your blog writing skills to the next level by creating internal links. Internal links are hyperlinked text that take the reader to another page on the same website. The aim is to get people to stay on your website for a sufficient amount of time as this tells google you are interesting. Therefore you should be ranked higher than others. By providing internal links throughout or at the end of your blog, your are taking the reader on a journey. That journey will hopefully end in a purchase, phone call or email. This is what we refer to as a “Conversion.”

Outbound links are links to other websites for further information when required. Building a link network and collaborating with similar brands is a great way to build up website traffic. The more people you have linking back to your website via outbound links the higher google ranks you. An example may be a blogger has done a review of your product and they link from their blog to your website. You can return the favour by writing a blog that refers to their review with a link to their website. Sharing is caring!

BONUS TIP: If you are sharing information about another brand or service, be sure that you don’t copy and paste text from their website. Plagiarism (just like the good old school days) is frowned upon by google and your website may be penalised.

BONUS BONUS TIP: But wait there’s more. When you’re adding images to your blog posts remember these can be optimised for Google Images. To optimise your images for google searches remember to label the alt tags.

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