Very few brands have figured out how to use snapchat for business. More than likely because the app was launched as a gimmicky tool to send short lived silly photos to friends. How could business’ possibly utilise a tool that only allows a brief window of marketing?

The growth of Snapchat has been impressive thanks to the growing trend in online video consumption. It has been estimated that nearly 70% of online usage will be via video.

So how do we capitalise on this seemingly simple app? Has instagram video given it a run for its money?

  1. Audience Growth – Without an audience we have no one to market too. Unfortunately, as with all legitimate growth on social media, there is no easy hard and fast way. But it is possible to grow your audience through methods such as cross promotion. Much like collaborating on instagram with infuencers, you can do the same on snapchat to grow your following.
  2. Snap Codes – Remember QR codes? They seemed to die out due to the fact that if you wanted to read a QR code you more than likely had to download an app. Not very effective when most of the time they just lead to a brands website (most people would just google it). Snap codes however are different because it is a functionality of the app. You simply hover over a specifically created code that links to the creators account. By placing your brands snap code on marketing material and in outgoing communications you can significantly increase awareness of your account and increase your following.
  3. Your Brands Snapchat Content – As with every other social media strategy your content must be engaging and relevant to your industry. If you have a simple product, keep it short and sweet (K.I.S.S) and get your message across ASAP. Complicated topics or behind the scenes tours will lend themselves to longer videos.
  4. Testing your content is key – It is important to make sure the content you are producing is engaging. Snaplytics allows brands to measure story completion rate for certain content types to determine which works best. Check it out here.

Hopefully we’ve given you some insight as to how to use snapchat for business.

Best of luck!