How to increase your Instagram following

Posted by admin | May 15, 2017 | Social Media
How to increase your Instagram following | Perth Marketing and Social Media | Unpublished Perth

Want to know how to increase your Instagram following? Finding it hard to engage or or grow? There is so much content being shared every second of the day it can seem hard, almost impossible, to break through the clutter.

Unfortunately, brands turn to ‘click farms’ for what seems to be a quick fix to the situation. This week exclusive footage was recently released of a hackers apartment where hundreds of iPhones were linked to a program that churns out instagram likes and comments. Have you ever wondered why you receive some random comments from random people that don’t seem to make sense? Although illegal, instagram users can pay to receive extra likes and comments on their accounts from these ‘click farms’ and google and apple are finding it hard to keep up with the false users.

But be warned if they do catch you, you can be penalised and false users will be deleted. As well as this it also skews your Instagram insights providing your brand with unhelpful statistics.

Here are 3 legitimate ways to increase your Instagram following

  1. Engage on Instagram multiple times a day.

    I often get asked, are there any Instagram scheduling apps? First of  I’m sure there would be a way through some form of software (like ‘Later’) but that isn’t the point. The whole point of social media is being social so be prepared to engage several times a day with other accounts. Like photos, ask questions and comment. You need to do this as well as posting your own content. Try to make it credible, don’t make yourself look like a ‘click farm’ though.

  2. Hashtag your content.

    Yes they can be tacky but hashtags have proven to increase a post’s exposure by 12%. That’s 12% more people that have the option of liking, engaging and following your account. So hell, why not? Keep in mind you can’t do more that 30 hashtags in a comment and to keep them relevant. You get what you put out so don’t just hashtag trending topics for the sake of extra exposure. I mean hashtag ‘Justin Beiber’ if you want to be harassed by ‘Beliebers’ or just stick to topics relevant to your brand.

  3. Times of day to post.

    Yes, even with the ever changing Instagram algorithms the time of day you post is relevant. Check your Instagram insights. What do they say about your followers? When are they most engaged on Instagram?


    When was the last time you started following new industry leaders or did a recon of  who the key stake holders are? Who are they following? How often are they engaging? What are they hash tagging?

    Looks like we’ve all got a bit of homework this week.

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